Javascript Testing with Node.js, Testacular & Jasmine

For the last year or so I've been working on large scale (and complicated) Javascript applications, and one of the big deficiencies that exposed was the historically poor support for unit testable, metric-supported Javascript - at least within our own company. And so, for the last half year my 'hobby' has been improving our Javascript development, testing, build and deployment processes.

Times move fast, and this presentation (below and here) is already a little out of date, but it’s the slides from an internal presentation/workshop I gave a few months ago which outlined how Testacular (now called Karma) can be used to execute unit tests and gather reliable code coverage metrics on Javascript projects.

I’ll be updating this presentation and giving a new version of it to the company soon, so I’ll use that opportunity to throw a more expanded blog post up that outlines what this all means (and if you’re lucky, with a script to explain it all!)

Also, we’re (MMT Digital) is now on GitHub, which is where you can find the (admittedly paltry) code offerings that accompany this presentation.

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