I like sharing the things I've learnt, and the things I've done, so that it might teach or inspire others.




  • Tales from Prod: Surviving a DDOS

    What is a DDoS, and what does it look like to be on the receiving end of one? Who does this, why, and how? And what did we learn from our event in April?


  • Delivering JS at Scale

    It's all about confidence, and the systems, processes, technologies and best practices that remove the fear that comes when working with a large, customer-impacting codebase, and allows us to continue delivering new features to customers without breaking anything.

  • Sharing code with 200 Engineers

    React helps encapsulate Front End tech into components, but how do you go about sharing those components across your organisation - for everyone to use, as easily as they would open-source components?

  • Inner Source Ecosystems

    Open Source is a great idea for benefitting from the publicly available shared efforts of others, but what about sharing private code within your organisation?

  • Guerilla TypeScript

    Think you want to use TypeScript, but for one reason or another you’re not ready to make the leap into using .ts files?



  • Web Fonts FTW

    Making web fonts with Grunt

  • Vagrant and Docker

    An introductory presentation to a new-fangled thing called 'Virtualisation' and how Vagrant and Docker are tools which could represent the future of development for our organisation.

  • The Magic of Charts

    Data Visualisation in JavaScript

  • Telling Tales and Solving Crimes with New Relic

    A Brown Bag presentation covering two real-world examples of how the New Relic APM tool helps us to detect and rapidly resolve issues in production.

  • ES6; WTF?

    An overview of the ES6 specification, including answers to the questions: what actually is ECMAScript? And why should we care? And how do we actually go about using it?




  • Grunt: An introductory training deck

    A brief talk introducing Grunt as a task management option for the development team.

  • The Holy Grail: Cross-browser JavaScript Unit Testing with Code Coverage Metrics

    Why would you want to do Unit Testing in Javascript? How do you actually do it? How can you run it in Browsers? How about CI environments? And how can you monitor coverage and identify weaknesses?

  • Agile Partners

    Lessons learnt and tips and tricks for successfully adapting Agency Development to Agile Ways of Working, and building performant working relationships in a B2B environment.

  • Javascript Testing with Node.js, Testacular & Jasmine

    For the last year or so I've been working on large scale (and complicated) Javascript applications, and one of the big deficiencies that exposed was the historically poor support for unit testable, metric-supported Javascript - at least within our own company. And so, for the last half year my 'hobby' has been improving our Javascript development, testing, build and deployment processes.


  • Turbo jQuery

    Balancing Javascript Performance and jQuery Ease of use


  • The Graph API

    An Introduction to and overview of the Facebook Graph API, including the data available, how to fetch it, how to work with permissions, and how to use it to find and create data in Facebook with it.